‘Fungorosi’ Ltd is company based solely on the desire of working with ‘wild mushrooms’ and is a result of a combination of immense effort, passion and expertise acquired over the years.Developed in different sectors with only one objective and focus  - organic and natural. The vision of this company is to cater for the consumer demand of natural products, which today is still seen as a "luxury",
yet in fact it is slow becoming common-place.
The first significant product for us is the wild mushrooms.
We believe that mainly with correct policy, good quality and good price we’ll continue to satisfy our customers in the future.


Started in 1996 with the desire to branch out development worldwide beyond the rural regions of Bulgaria. In 2006 Fungorosi Ltd flourished with 10 years’ experience of quality products and professional standards then began the outreach process to external markets in Europe.
We believe that today we must be prepared to accept the challenges that will appear in the coming years. We are open to new ideas and suggestion also for the future.




FUNGOROSI Ltd. Smolyan Bulgaria                                                                                                Created by: DesNez