Lamb with mushrooms

1000 gr. shoulder of Lamb lamb (boneless).
500 gr. whole porcini.
25 gr. butter.
25 ml cream
1 peace of parsley
2 clove of garlic
olve oil
salt, black pepper


Season lamb shoulder with salt and pepper, rub all over with olive oil. . Place it into the tray, put four spoons olive oil and put it to bake for an hour in a preheated oven at 200 degrees. Remove it and keep warm.In a pan, place one cup of warm water, cream and 100gr of stumps of boletus, cleaned and cut into pieces. Leave to fry about 15 minutes. Meanwhile, in another pan with a little butter fry the the top of the porcini, previously sliced. Add the garlic cloves.Add salt and pepper . Continue with roux on medium heat 15 minutes, add grated parsley, remove the garlic cloves. In the bowl for serving,  slices the lamb, add the warm sauce, on the side of the plate put the slices of chopped hats boletus!

                                               Enjoy your meal!



FUNGOROSI Ltd. Smolyan Bulgaria                                                                                                Created by: DesNez